Lympha Wellness & SPA

by Costa Brada

Lympha takes its name from the ancient Roman Goddess of clear water, a symbol of purity and transparency.

The most suitable name for the Costa Brada SPA, which rises on the amazing sea of Puglia, in the Gulf of Gallipoli: sea water on the outside and the water of the Nymphs on the inside.

An emotional journey to offer each of you the positive benefits and vibrations, typical of the deities that flow together into the lifeblood.


Pool Area Lympha SPA

The Lympha SPA area is the heart of the wellness centre of the Grand Hotel Costa Brada. An area of 400 m2 equipped with wellness technologies, such as sauna, a Turkish bath, a Mediterranean bath, emotional showers and ice waterfall that surround a swimming pool of over 130 m2 equipped with cervical waterfalls, hydro massage beds and seats, geyser and colour therapy.
The source of vitality – water – in a regenerating, decontracting and draining path, in full relaxation complete with seven-seater whirlpool bath and a 4-metre Kneipp path.

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish wooden hemlock sauna helps eliminate excess fluid and metabolic waste. The temperature, which reaches 80-100°C, allows the skin to breathe abundantly, thereby promoting muscle relaxation and balance at the sleep-wake rhythm.
A feeling of pure energy and dry heat that promotes fast and deep sweating with purifying and relaxing effects.

Steam Bath

The steam bath has the ancient properties of reinvigorating and regenerating the body and spirit. The temperature reaches 45 – 48°C with a relative humidity of 98%, thereby allowing deep cleansing of the skin, psychophysical relaxation and restored elasticity of skin tissue and the respiratory tract.
A cloud of steam in technology that combines tradition, design and innovation.

Mediterranean Bath

A unique, pleasant and sensorial environment that gently welcomes the guest with its captivating and extraordinary warmth. It is inspired by the ancient tepidarium of the Roman Baths, promoting a longer stay to rediscover the pleasure of a relaxing chat, thanks to the temperatures that are lower than the sauna or steam bath.

Multi-sensory Rain

Four different water features in an emotional tunnel that embraces in a multi-sensorial manner and conveys a unique sense of wellness. An experience that can be enjoyed in two ways, from hot to cold or from cold to hot, with colour, energy and heat therapy. It reproduces the effects of tropical rain, cold rain, a summer storm and cold fog.

Ice Waterfall

Ice massaged on the skin, from the bottom upwards, allows for an invigorating and energising effect, which is necessary after exposure to the intense heat of the Finnish sauna. The coldness of the ice helps to rebalance the body temperature and the heartbeat, thereby promoting the toning effect of the tissue and producing beneficial effects on the circulatory system through vasoconstriction.

Thalassa – the salt room

A unique environment that combines the beneficial action of salt with the relaxing dry floating effects of the ZeroBody beds. A regeneration of the body and mind in a unique sensorial experience that combines the virtuous effects of salt ionisation with those of floating relaxation, in which the only rule is to let go.

Yogananda – the room of light

A relaxation area reserved for the rituals of Lympha Wellness & SPA by Costa Brada, where light becomes a source of energy and wellness. A chromotherapy room, where the guest can choose the colour with which to activate their state of relaxation.

Locus Aqua – the water room

The water of the Lympha – a symbol of purity and transparency – and the sound of its flow, are the background of this relaxation area, where you can let yourself be lulled on waterbeds that unconsciously follow the sway of the sea.


A suite dedicated to ancient rituals where clay, oils and soaps are used alternately for some fascinating pampering, during which the guest of Lympha Wellness & SPA by Costa Brada must simply rely on and reap all the benefits of the synergy that derives from dexterity and natural cosmetics.

Floating suite

A treatment booth to be used alone or in pairs, for a unique holistic emotional experience. Nuvola Experience combines the benefits of floating in the absence of gravity and those of aesthetic treatment, without needing direct contact with water thanks to the waterbeds that allow the benefits of massages to be enhanced, combined with hot and cold packs in a multi-sensory path suspended between fascinating lights, sounds and scents.

Suite SPA

An exclusive environment where you can savour your wellness in absolute privacy… a dedicated area reserved for couples or small groups in a dimension that is to be discovered.