Face Treatments

Face Structure Gold 35′

Cleanses, smoothens, hydrates
Face ritual for cell renewal and regeneration which restores the skin’s freshness thanks to the application of a Collagen and Elastin ampoule.

Euro 60

Luxury Caviar Treatment 60′

Overall anti-aging, lifting, plumping and revitalising effect
Caviar-based luxury face treatment. Marine collagen, which is the base of the treatment, is particularly suitable for mature skin; the stimulating action of cellular metabolism regenerates and revitalises skin tissues, hydrating them deeply.

Euro 100

Puresense 55′

Purifying, Mattifying, Anti-Imperfections
Purifying face treatment that regulates the production of sebum by acting on areas that are irritated or reddened by acneic manifestations. The layer of biocompatible vegetable cellulose acts on the face like a second skin, deeply conveying the precious active ingredients contained in the activating gel with a slow release.

Euro 65

DNA Corrective 60′

Correction of first wrinkles, Repairer, Revitalising
The synergy of elastin and marine DNA conveys a vitality starter to the skin and accelerates tissue repair, helping to drastically reduce the signs of aging while toning the relaxed contours of the face. The oval-shape of the face immediately appears redefined, the skin regains tone and firmness, significantly reducing wrinkles.

Euro 70

Recreage 60′

Anti-aging, regenerating, illuminating
An innovative ultra-perfecting treatment based on Multi-Acid Complex, which derives from the synergy of alpha-hydroxy-acids and with the new epigenetic technology of RNAgeTM, which renews and transforms the appearance of facial skin with an antiaging, regenerating and illuminating effect.

Euro 95

Perfect Restore 55′

The anti-aging treatment par excellence based on Collagen biomatrix in a very pure and concentrated form. In addition to the exceptional hydrating properties, Marine Collagen conveys tone and freshness to the skin, erasing the signs of aging in an immediate and visible way.

Euro 90

Eye Define Mask 20′

Eye treatment with a shock lifting effect that eliminates the signs of tiredness and fine wrinkles typically in the eye area, with instant and lasting action.

Euro 30