Body Treatments

Kaolin Mud 60′

Reducing, reshaping, anti-cellulite
Reshaping treatment that combines the osmotic properties of the High Saline Concentrated Spring Water with those of the synergistic mix of kaolin white mud for targeted action against the imperfections of cellulite associated with fat and water retention.
Smoothens and tones the skin in areas prone to atony, such as the inner thighs, buttocks and hips, improving the “orange peel” appearance.

Euro 80

Krioplast abdomen 45′

Treatment of the abdomen fat
Specific shock treatment for a swollen, contracted abdomen with atonic, relaxed and inelastic tissues, with an immediate effect.

Euro 70

Body extreme 60´

Targeted treatment that in just 4 sessions reshapes the figure by acting on cellulite, diffused fat, water retention and skin laxity.
The steps of the sessions allow liquids to be drained and toxins purified, the basal metabolism to be increased so as to increase the oxidation of the fats, skin tone to be enhanced and tissues toned, and skin elasticity increased.

Euro 90 per session

Drena Seaweed Pack 60′

Seaweed mud pack with a reshaping effect on the thighs and hips. Effective against intoxicated tissues, water retention and diffuse cellulite. The synergistic action of Fucus extract, Ivy extract, Horse chestnut extract and Papaya extract smoothens the typical roughness of orange peel skin, acting on the tonicity of the figure.

Euro 70

Shock Action Bendage 35′

Bandage body treatment that acts on localised swelling, water retention, fatty deposits and the imperfections of cellulite, and circulatory problems. Reshapes the figure from the first applications. Suitable for all skin types. Excellent for stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Euro 60

Hands and Feet SPA

SPA Feet 25′

Multi-active hydrating treatment for silky smooth feet.
Emollient, nourishing and smoothing SPA ritual to effectively treat dry and thickened skin. Deeply relaxes the plantar muscles.

Euro 40

SPA Hands 25′

Deep nourishing anti-aging treatment for hand care with intense oxygenating and uniforming action. Restores softness and hydration.

Euro 40